We are pioneers in the use of sustainable energy sources in a hotel setting

For us, «sustainable» means maintaining a successful commercial enterprise and still taking responsibility for the environment and our society. This principle has been at the core of our family business since its inception in 1983.

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Sustainability has many facets, but at the very centre are our guests, whose comfort and enjoyment are at the heart of everything we do. This demands exceptionally high levels of service. The following three aspects distinguish our hotel from others:

  • One of the most energy-efficient hotels in Switzerland
    An efficient use of energy is very important to us, both from cost and environmental perspectives. With our  energy recycling initiative, we have managed to reduce our energy consumption by 30% since 2002, despite a hotel extension and an increase in guest numbers. This has secured our place as one of the most energy-efficient hotels in Switzerland. We are also a recognised «solar hotel», with about 25% of our electricity and heating covered by energy produced by our solar collector.

  • Natural Park
    Our Park has been landscaped to be close to nature and is a paradise for plants, animals and of course also for our guests. An impressive 2,500 m² and an array of native trees, flowers and birds offer the utmost in recreation and recuperation, whether you take a stroll or simply kick back and relax. The views over the summer garden from your dinner table are a particular delight.

  • Responsible apprenticeship programme
    Contented staff and well-trained employees are very important to us. This is why the hotel & restaurant employs four apprentices in hotel management and cookery.